Strategies For Promoting An Event

Organizing a corporate event is one of the best and most effective marketing tools, inside and outside a company. To make the most of it, it is essential that its visibility is not restricted to the invited people, but the scope is expanded as much as possible. Today there are several strategies focused mainly, but not exclusively, on the Internet and social media to promote and properly publicize any corporate act.
Although the Internet and social networks are fundamental for the dissemination of the event, they are not the only way, and the most traditional “cutting-edge" strategies are also very effective.

The following is a compilation of a series of tips, keys or strategies that try to cover the full spectrum of promotional actions for corporate events.

Select the target audience

It is not a matter of preparing an event for large masses, but selecting the clients, professionals, guests, speakers and employees best suited to achieve the objectives of each event, which have to be defined as best as possible.

An event is an unbeatable opportunity to do quality networking, so in the selection of guests, you have to take into account the prestige and influence of each of them.

Be innovative and create a unique impression

It is very important to create unique and unrepeatable experiences that leave a mark on your memory. The truth is that it is not so difficult to get, it is just a matter of using the imagination and try to go a little further or a different path to what is already widely used.

Innovation can come from both the place where the event is held and the theme to be addressed or actions and activities to be carried out which is the content. An example of innovation on the place would be renting a picturesque place (a convent, a lighthouse, a farmhouse, a museum ..) instead of the typical hotel room to organize a company dinner or product presentation.

With respect to the content, it can be original both in the format, for example, conferences in the form of lightning interventions of only a few minutes duration, and by the use of the most modern technologies: videoconferences, mapping, videos in 2D or 3D, holograms, etc.

The power of details

In an increasingly impersonal and bureaucratized society, small details are greatly appreciated , and they also have the added advantage of being economic, of the type: handwritten invitations in the form of a postcard, a kind or a typical ornamental detail of a country Exotic, a brief personalized video, an Internet blog with funny photos or that capture the most human side of the event, etc.

Strategies in social networks

As we have said before, the promotion in social networks is fundamental to place the event in a much larger dimension and with a superior reach. To get the most out of social networks, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose the networks that best fit the event and the audience you want to reach. Facebook, for example, is more general and heterogeneous, but if you want to give a more professional or corporate image the ideal network is Linkedin.
  • If possible, create a blog specific to the event or enable a tab on the company"s web or corporate blog.
  • If using Twitter determine a hashtag in order to: characterize the act, encourage the participants to tweet and even retransmit the act live.
  • Relay it in real time by streaming on channels like YouTube or Google+ and upload it on the Internet so that it can be viewed on different platforms.
  • Prioritize the image by posting photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+. Pinterest, etc.