SEO Strategies For Local Business

Online visibility through search engines is no longer a luxury but a need for business survival. It is also the difficulty that any business experience every day due to the number of competition in the market. Though the struggle is real, the reward is all worth it.

According to statistics by Hubspot, 60% of adults use a search engine to find information about local products and services. Consequently, 50% of people who perform a local search on their smartphone and 34% of individuals who perform a search on your computer or tablet, visit a store within a day. Also, 46% of all searches on Google are local.

Having a right local SEO strategy is crucial because nearly half of all Google searches are local. Is your business is taking advantage of this statistics so that you can be found easily by your potential customers online? A quick search for SEO company near me should bring some companies that can help you.

SEO tactics that must be implemented to your local business

Highlight the necessary information about your business
If you"re a local business, your basic information should be listed accurately and visibly on your website. Such information includes name, address, and telephone number. Although this is basic, on some company websites, customers have to dig-in-deep into the website just to find this information or they don"t provide this information at all. This neglect shows that they don"t give importance in advertising this information on their website.

This data is one of the key metrics that Google uses to rank local businesses in their search results. Not only it is important to have your information on the website prominently, but it is also important that this information is consistent on all your digital platforms: social networks, blog, etc. Search engines check this information with other sites. Local companies such as SumitSEO should be able to help you properly setup basic information on your website.

Register on Google My Business
With Google My Business, you can report your hours of operation, your phone number and explain to your clients how to reach your store, your studio or office on Google Search and Maps.

Map of Google My Business is so important that it represents about a significant 14.7% of local sorting signals.

You can set your page with Google My Business directly, but it"s important to check your ad so that no one else can edit your page in the future.

Once you have configured your page on My business, it is important to ensure that you include a proper and unique description of your firm. It should have been categorized correctly, you have a local phone number, and an address accompanying your ad and is consisting of other sites, and you upload relevant photos about your business.

Obtain local feedback
The more favorable opinions you achieve for your business, the better it will be seen by the search engines and your potential customers when they find you online.

Once you have created your page on My Business, call your clients and friends, send emails or share it on your social networks and ask them to give it a review about your business. You could even give them a little incentive for their opinion.

The views represent approximately 9.8% of local ranking factors, getting a good feedback will give a boost to your local SEO.

Implement the tactics of traditional SEO
Local SEO is a different set of standard SEO (non-local business). However, it is dangerous to assume that they are completely different. A lot of factors that influence the traditional SEO also affect the local SEO. For example:

  • Domain Authority: Everything is the same, a business with high domain authority will be much better than a business with low domain authority. You should work on improving your domain authority by obtaining and creating internal and external quality links to your website.
  • Backlinks: The links are also extremely essential for your local SEO success. Factors such as quality, quantity, and diversity of your links are relevant.
  • Search results in CTR: Like traditional SEO, Google and other search engines observe the click through rate of your website in the pages of search results to see how your site and business resonate with the search engines.

Take care of the details of your Local SEO
Finally, it is important to realize that there are negative factors that may jeopardize the classification of your local business on the search results pages. When placing your category in your My Business page; use a real business address, a correct phone number and all of your business data are consistent across the Internet; and take care not to have malware on your site because it can harm your local SEO.

SEO is a bit complicated, and if you"re not an expert you must have at least be aware of them, so you know how to ask or make adjustments yourself.

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