5 Reasons to Hire An SEO Expert

In today"s society, it is critical for any company to have a competitive website, the hard reality is that if you are not visible, you do not exist either. Whether you want to renew, enhance or obtain a new layout to your old site, it"s guaranteed a significant number of people to attend during the planning stage. Of course, these have much to contribute, and every individual has a crucial role to create the foundation for the new and improved website. However, one person is often left out, the SEO expert. Whether you have an insider or an outsource from an SEO company, its presence is critical to the website and business success!

Always be sure that the site"s design interacts with search engines

All fill a particular role in a company. Your designer should, for example, make the site both inviting and user-friendly for visitors. A Jacksonville SEO expert does the same thing, but instead of adapting the site for users, a customizable search engine is preferred. It is equally important that the site is communicating with visitors" search engines.

An SEO expert will allow the search engine to find all the relevant information about your products and your company, resulting in higher rankings on Google.

Make sure the site content is SEO-optimized

A decisive factor for a successful website is a collaboration between Jacksonville SEO companies and content marketing. Cooperation occurs to the content that is created not only to appeal to customers but also to bring competition into the search engine, which in turn has great value for your business.

The goal is to create content that passively draws tons of traffic. An SEO expert can identify how that content should look like, the headlines that are relevant and which keywords should be in the focus of your website to be as competitive as possible.

Optimize content, location, and metadata for your site

Another example of where your SEO expert can make a big difference when there should be structural changes to your site. The goal is that when visitors go from one page to another on your site, adapting and fine-tuning the content in these pages, will help you achieve a higher ranking on Google.

An SEO expert can also analyze the number of unique visitors on these pages. If it"s too low, the expert would suggest changes to the content that would increase the current flow of traffic to the site.

Take advantage of opportunities for the content of external sites

There are endless opportunities to make your company visible, even outside of your website. For example, using video, presentations and press releases, you can increase your presence in the search engines.

SEO expertise – a prerequisite for extensive projects

When your company is preparing to create a new site or change your existing website, it is also important to use an SEO expert for major initiatives. These can take the form of projects such as the implementation of HTTPS for a more secure site; this gives your visitors a safe and better first impression. Furthermore, an SEO expert can insert schema markup on videos or products that make it easier for search engines as they navigate and categorize your site. Furthermore, it will also be easier for visitors to gain access to relevant information with ease.

Different SEO Payment Methods

It is normal that you want to know in advance how much an SEO campaign will cost. There are three general pricing models when it comes to hiring SEO services. If you are an SEO professional, share your experience of the method of quoting your projects.

  • Per hour
  • By project
  • Monthly
SEO per hour

By hour is the most popular price scheme. You pay the SEO company or SEO consultant a fixed rate per hour. What usually happens is that an agreement is reached on the activities to be carried out. At the end of the project or a month, a report with details and the actual number of hours worked will be given. You then have to process the payment according to the agreed hourly rate. Jacksonville SEO agency can create a work plan and assign hours to each activity to be performed.

What is the price range per hour?

The price range for the SEO service ranges from $ 50 to $ 300 per hour. This big difference depends on some factors such as the region and the size of the company. According to different studies of SEO services, certain regions is more expensive than in others. The bigger your company, the more money you will pay for SEO.

SEO by project

This is different than the hourly price scheme. You come to an agreement with the SEO agency which will be the price for the whole project, regardless of the hours they spend. Usually, there is a 30% down payment and the rest in predefined stages (for example, the completion of the campaign, launch of the redesigned website, etc.)

This method is best in cases where you are not sure how many hours are needed for a particular task. It is also preferable for budget purposes.

Monthly services

For an SEO campaign to succeed it usually takes more than a month. One of the best solutions is to set a monthly price. The most common monthly range is $ 1,000- $ 10,000. This is a popular package and what most of the customers prefer since you can see the progress monthly.

The recommended pricing model

The good model is a combination of the previous 3. Clearly defined tasks (such as a website redesign) have a fixed cost.
Then, agree on an hourly rate and a monthly maximum. In other words, combine both the hourly rate and the monthly charge. For example, if a current rate is $ 50 per hour and the client has a budget of $ 1000 per month, then you agree that the maximum number of working hours will be 20.

How much do you have to you spend on SEO services?

Now you have an idea of the rates and the most common price plans. You now can decide how much you should spend on SEO services. Needless to say, there is no absolute answer, as it depends on the type of business, your current presence on the Internet, what you want to get from SEO and much more. The following guidelines can help you decide how much to pay for SEO:

SEO is not an expense but an investment. Once you start the practice of SEO, the results will be visible both in the short and long term. Your website will start getting more traffic from the first month and will continue to grow over the next few months.

What percentage of your profit comes from your online presence? If your business depends on online traffic, i.e., you have clients online, then the budget for SEO should represent a good percentage. Set your budget according to the benefits you will get from Internet marketing.

If you are working offline and just want to have an adequate internet presence, you can set a fixed monthly budget. Hiring an SEO consultant or a company for 20 hours a month is enough to keep your presence (website and social networks) in good shape.

Long-term, medium-term and short-term objectives. SEO takes time, and this is a well-known fact. It can take around 6-7 months for an SEO campaign to generate optimum results, this should be kept in mind to calculate your budget.

If you have $ 10,000 to spend on SEO this year, then it is best to divide it into ten months of $ 1,000 instead of 2 months of $ 5000.

The SEO service is not an expensive service if you take into account the benefits and the high return on investment. Prices depend on each company and the type of services they offer. For small businesses that need to have a good presence on the web and social media must allocate a monthly budget in the range of $ 1,000 to $ 3,000 for SEO services.

Have you hired SEO services? Has it achieved good results? Why not hire SEO services? Are you an SEO expert? What are the methods you use to quote the service? How is the SEO market for you?

Video Marketing For Better Traffic To Your Website

Successful business owners can afford to purchase things like real estate, cars, stocks, businesses. There must be something that makes them successful that you need to emulate like their practice on managing their businesses. Today, using the right marketing strategy matters to make your business successful. With this, it has been known that content marketing is the trend particularly video marketing.     There are three main components when creating a video marketing for your company’s website.  They are real selling dialogue, quality content, and reasonable budget. In the beginning, writers are most concerned with the content. This is the visual aspects that will be photographed and translated to the screen. This is to advise you that the other two components are equally important. If one does not take the selling and budget into consideration, the content will be worthless. It takes time and money to create your video to market your business and products in Jacksonville. With this, you can get it done right and cheap by hiring a local video production expert that offers video marketing in Jacksonville FL. Hiring them can save you a lot of time and effort, and they have the expertise to create a promotional video that works for your company. They can assist you well with quick video testimonials about your business and the likes. Creating video testimonials as part of your video marketing in Jacksonville has been attracting customers and solving problems for hundreds of satisfied customers. This has been tried and tested and known to produce excellent results. Moreover, you can also add a promotional event for the video. You should be ready for preliminary details. Make sure to prepare the purpose of your event. Questions like “Why is it being held? Who should be invited? When is it going to happen? Where is the venue?” – these have to be part of the video. Lastly, think of your target audience so that you can attract the desired traffic to your website and publish your video to social media sites and directories. Your options for video directories that you can post your video marketing clips are YouTube and Google Video. Remember that the more popular a video directory that you are posting your clip, the more people are likely to view your clip. And that"s the same people you"ll direct to your site for traffic, so you have to be very particular about signing up for a video directory. Go for the best, so you"ll get only the best result. Related video:

SEO Strategies For Local Business

Online visibility through search engines is no longer a luxury but a need for business survival. It is also the difficulty that any business experience every day due to the number of competition in the market. Though the struggle is real, the reward is all worth it.

According to statistics by Hubspot, 60% of adults use a search engine to find information about local products and services. Consequently, 50% of people who perform a local search on their smartphone and 34% of individuals who perform a search on your computer or tablet, visit a store within a day. Also, 46% of all searches on Google are local.

Having a right local SEO strategy is crucial because nearly half of all Google searches are local. Is your business is taking advantage of this statistics so that you can be found easily by your potential customers online? A quick search for SEO company near me should bring some companies that can help you.

SEO tactics that must be implemented to your local business

Highlight the necessary information about your business
If you"re a local business, your basic information should be listed accurately and visibly on your website. Such information includes name, address, and telephone number. Although this is basic, on some company websites, customers have to dig-in-deep into the website just to find this information or they don"t provide this information at all. This neglect shows that they don"t give importance in advertising this information on their website.

This data is one of the key metrics that Google uses to rank local businesses in their search results. Not only it is important to have your information on the website prominently, but it is also important that this information is consistent on all your digital platforms: social networks, blog, etc. Search engines check this information with other sites. Local companies such as SumitSEO should be able to help you properly setup basic information on your website.

Register on Google My Business
With Google My Business, you can report your hours of operation, your phone number and explain to your clients how to reach your store, your studio or office on Google Search and Maps.

Map of Google My Business is so important that it represents about a significant 14.7% of local sorting signals.

You can set your page with Google My Business directly, but it"s important to check your ad so that no one else can edit your page in the future.

Once you have configured your page on My business, it is important to ensure that you include a proper and unique description of your firm. It should have been categorized correctly, you have a local phone number, and an address accompanying your ad and is consisting of other sites, and you upload relevant photos about your business.

Obtain local feedback
The more favorable opinions you achieve for your business, the better it will be seen by the search engines and your potential customers when they find you online.

Once you have created your page on My Business, call your clients and friends, send emails or share it on your social networks and ask them to give it a review about your business. You could even give them a little incentive for their opinion.

The views represent approximately 9.8% of local ranking factors, getting a good feedback will give a boost to your local SEO.

Implement the tactics of traditional SEO
Local SEO is a different set of standard SEO (non-local business). However, it is dangerous to assume that they are completely different. A lot of factors that influence the traditional SEO also affect the local SEO. For example:

  • Domain Authority: Everything is the same, a business with high domain authority will be much better than a business with low domain authority. You should work on improving your domain authority by obtaining and creating internal and external quality links to your website.
  • Backlinks: The links are also extremely essential for your local SEO success. Factors such as quality, quantity, and diversity of your links are relevant.
  • Search results in CTR: Like traditional SEO, Google and other search engines observe the click through rate of your website in the pages of search results to see how your site and business resonate with the search engines.

Take care of the details of your Local SEO
Finally, it is important to realize that there are negative factors that may jeopardize the classification of your local business on the search results pages. When placing your category in your My Business page; use a real business address, a correct phone number and all of your business data are consistent across the Internet; and take care not to have malware on your site because it can harm your local SEO.

SEO is a bit complicated, and if you"re not an expert you must have at least be aware of them, so you know how to ask or make adjustments yourself.

Check this article for some strategies about pricing your SEO company.

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Strategies For Promoting An Event

Organizing a corporate event is one of the best and most effective marketing tools, inside and outside a company. To make the most of it, it is essential that its visibility is not restricted to the invited people, but the scope is expanded as much as possible. Today there are several strategies focused mainly, but not exclusively, on the Internet and social media to promote and properly publicize any corporate act.
Although the Internet and social networks are fundamental for the dissemination of the event, they are not the only way, and the most traditional “cutting-edge" strategies are also very effective.

The following is a compilation of a series of tips, keys or strategies that try to cover the full spectrum of promotional actions for corporate events.

Select the target audience

It is not a matter of preparing an event for large masses, but selecting the clients, professionals, guests, speakers and employees best suited to achieve the objectives of each event, which have to be defined as best as possible.

An event is an unbeatable opportunity to do quality networking, so in the selection of guests, you have to take into account the prestige and influence of each of them.

Be innovative and create a unique impression

It is very important to create unique and unrepeatable experiences that leave a mark on your memory. The truth is that it is not so difficult to get, it is just a matter of using the imagination and try to go a little further or a different path to what is already widely used.

Innovation can come from both the place where the event is held and the theme to be addressed or actions and activities to be carried out which is the content. An example of innovation on the place would be renting a picturesque place (a convent, a lighthouse, a farmhouse, a museum ..) instead of the typical hotel room to organize a company dinner or product presentation.

With respect to the content, it can be original both in the format, for example, conferences in the form of lightning interventions of only a few minutes duration, and by the use of the most modern technologies: videoconferences, mapping, videos in 2D or 3D, holograms, etc.

The power of details

In an increasingly impersonal and bureaucratized society, small details are greatly appreciated , and they also have the added advantage of being economic, of the type: handwritten invitations in the form of a postcard, a kind or a typical ornamental detail of a country Exotic, a brief personalized video, an Internet blog with funny photos or that capture the most human side of the event, etc.

Strategies in social networks

As we have said before, the promotion in social networks is fundamental to place the event in a much larger dimension and with a superior reach. To get the most out of social networks, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose the networks that best fit the event and the audience you want to reach. Facebook, for example, is more general and heterogeneous, but if you want to give a more professional or corporate image the ideal network is Linkedin.
  • If possible, create a blog specific to the event or enable a tab on the company"s web or corporate blog.
  • If using Twitter determine a hashtag in order to: characterize the act, encourage the participants to tweet and even retransmit the act live.
  • Relay it in real time by streaming on channels like YouTube or Google+ and upload it on the Internet so that it can be viewed on different platforms.
  • Prioritize the image by posting photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+. Pinterest, etc.


Examples Of Promotional Activities

Product promotion is one of the needs to make your brand reach the public and attract new customers. There are numerous ways to promote a product or service. Some companies use more than one method, while others may use different methods for different marketing purposes. Beyond your company"s product or service, a strong set of promotional strategies can help position your company in a favorable position not only with regular customers but also with new ones. The following are some of the commonly used promotional events strategies.


Competitions are frequently used promotional strategy. Many of them do not even require a purchase. The idea is to promote your brand and put your logo and name in front of the public instead of spending money on a strong sales campaign. People like to win prizes. Sponsoring contests can draw attention to your product without an open company manifestation.

Gift Products

Gift products and free samples are methods frequently used by companies to present new foods and household products. Many of these companies sponsor in-store promotions, giving away samples of products to persuade shoppers to try new products.

Point-of-sale Promotion and Marketing of Gondola Ends

Point-of-sale promotion and marketing of gondola ends are ways to sell products and promote items in stores. The idea behind this promotional strategy is convenience and momentum. The gondola ends, which is located at the end of the aisles, presents products that a store wants to promote or move quickly. This product is positioned to be easily accessible to the consumer. Points of sale are a way to promote new products or others that need to move. These items are placed near the cash registers on the premises and are usually purchased by consumers on impulse while they wait to pay.

Consumer Reference Incentive Program

The consumer referral incentive program is a way to encourage stable customers to recommend the store to new consumers. Free products, big discounts, and cash rewards are just some of the incentives you can use. This is a promotional strategy that increases the customer base as a sales force.

Causes and Charity

Promoting your products while supporting a cause can be an effective promotional strategy. Giving customers a sense of being part of something bigger simply by using products they could use in any way creates a win-win situation. You get customers and the image of social awareness, consumers get a product they can use and the feeling of helping a cause. One way to do this is to give a percentage of profit to the cause that your company is committed to help.

Promotional Brand Gifts

Giving functional gifts can be a more effective promotional action than delivering simple business cards. Put your card on a magnet, a pen or a keychain. These are gifts that you can deliver and that customers can use, that keep your business insight instead of in the trash can or in a drawer with the rest of the business cards that customers could not even look at.

Customer appreciation events

A customer appreciation event in the store with free soft drinks and prizes will attract people. The emphasis on the appreciation part of the event, with no need to buy, is an effective way to attract not only regular customers but other potential customers. Pizza, hot dogs and soft drinks are inexpensive foods that can be used to make the event more attractive. Placing the products in a convenient way before the event starts will ensure that the products you want to promote are highly visible when customers arrive.


The Relevance Of Promotional Events

At a time when society is saturated with endless types of instant information and mass advertising both online and offline. Promotional events are very concrete and advisable way to communicate and impact your target directly and with a lasting memorable experience to your potential customers. Although relatively expensive and time consuming compared to digital promotions, this type of strategic communication tool is still a great way to bring together the target audience of your brand, as well as ambassadors and influencers of the sector, who create buzz about the product and company name you want to promote.

Promotional events are still being used by big brands to promote their new product especially their flagship models. Most of the time big companies use popular tradeshow events to give a teaser to their upcoming products. Electronic companies, for example, participate in Consumer Electronic Show or CES to further boost their brand exposure. In general, promotional events are held in order to achieve the following objectives:

To Build Stronger Client Relationship

Promotional events aim to strengthen ties with the current client and to communicate product novelties and brand values. A well-planned and executed event is probably the most effective marketing tool in any brand experience strategy. The consumer will forget what you said or did, but the consumers will never forget how you made them feel.

Companies that caters to select few or elite consumers summon a large part of the exclusive clients of the brand and organize an original and lively party where fashion was the protagonist.

Capturing Leads

Without a doubt, you have to take action and find a reason why your guests, both customers, and potential customers, want to attend your event. It could be the theme, or maybe they are interested in the invited celebrities, music, staging or created environment. You are in charge of finding that reason why your future client will want to attend your event. Give them a good reason why they have to invest their valuable time to attend your event. They need to have an experience that will be remembered and will connect with potential clients.

Increase the Reputation of the Brand

You have to create an event and an experience, where the brand was subtly and calculatedly present in every corner, every element, every action and every moment. In short, promotional events are a prominent marketing tool because of their relevance in terms of consumer impact, recall and notoriety. The secret lies in its planning and execution. Nothing can be left to chance, each step must be well thought of, measured and perfectly realized. The originality, creativity, and professionalism of the dedicated team will be the keys to guaranteeing success and excellent ROI.